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Awesome Game...

especially for a curious mind.


Nice relax game with awesome graphics


Loving this relaxing mind exercise.

Mind bending

Awesome game, reminds me of the old school shadow puppets that I used to do. Bend the light, be the shadow.

So much fun!!

This app is amazing! You listen to soothing sounds while you are playing it. An excellent mind game. I have never liked sitting and playing games until I came across this one. You become engrossed in it but not to the point where your mind/body spins into a frenetic pace that works you into a lather and leaves you feeling exhausted. A must try!


I laughed, I cried, I give it two thumbs up.

In love, Just needs more levels

I love love love this game! So addicting, rated 5 stars hoping there will be an update soon with new/harder levels...please... Awesome

Great puzzle game

I have been looking for a great puzzle game for a long time and I think I have finally found it. This game is a lot of fun and I cant put it down.

Super smart!

Very well designed. I got this for .99?! What a good purchase! Best dollar you will spend on iOS!

Good way to relax

Played this when it first released it was fun then, And still is now. Nice way to relax after work.

Awesome game.

Love this game. So imaginative and the art design is marvelous. The soundtrack is soothing without being overwhelming. Really gives my "noggin" a workout. Plus, I got it at .99 cent sale price. Cant beat that.

Incredibly well crafted

Great fun

Just beautiful

Amazing user interface, graphics, parallax effect and overall the idea and the execution! One of the best games Ive seen and that includes the console games Ive played.

The best game

That is best game ever in APp s

Great game - THANK YOU for no IAPs!

Beautiful and interesting without being stressful. Thank you to the developers for making this an in-app-purchase free game.

Beautiful Tranquility

At $0.99, this lovely puzzle game is a steal. Great design.

Good game

This game is amazing it really gives you that puzzled feeling and then when you figure it ou it feels so easy

Best game

Thats the best game i played



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